Travel tips

The things we have learnt or discovered that has made travelling easier since leaving the UK over 8 months ago…….

Smartphone, we both bought new phones before we headed off, but not expensive iphones/android phones, we bought ones that we could afford to lose or replace if needed but still had the functions and spec that suited our needs. As we are both on Vodafone, we bought their own brand phones, and I was on a sim only plan and Rich on pay as you go. Β Due to the data roaming plan throughout Europe and including Turkey we were able to use our home UK plan including texts, calls and data at no extra cost so that was really useful in those first few months.

Apps, these make life a lot easier depending on what you need and where you are travelling.

AirBnb: First and foremost a lot of our accomadation is booked on Airbnb, cheaper and often great locations and the use of a whole apartment/studio so saving money by being able to cook yourself and having room to chill rather than a single soulless hotel room, and the benefit of your host often giving you great tips on places to visit, eat, transport etc. We have met so many great hosts with local knowledge often not in the guide books.