Kuala Lumpur and onwards….

Blurry eyed our alarm went off at 5am! Final check of our apartment and we were off to the airport using our trusty Grab app to call a driver. Only 20 minutes later we were checking our bags and heading through security, with some time to kill before our flight was called we wandered round the shops, ending up using our leftover Dong for a small bottle of Johnnie Walker Red label whisky, that will be nice later!  Our flight was uneventful, a little under three hours and we were soon at immigration, where the queues are fairly short but seem to take ages, forty-five minutes later we were through with another visa stamp for 90 days.

By this time our cases were on the carousel and quickly through customs into the airport arrivals and shopping mall.  After getting some cash from the ATM, we picked up a monthly data sim card and not forgetting Richards favourite snack, some Dan’s egg yolk crisps (they are the best crisps!), we called a Grab taxi and were soon being driven the 50 minute journey into the city, dropped off at our apartment, we checked in with security and got the key and lift card from the mailbox and made our way to the 7th floor.

Our apartment was lovely, very spacious, comfy sofa and full kitchen including an oven, floor to ceiling windows and a balcony, the other unique thing was it had a bathtub, complete with view of the Petronas towers, definitely be getting some use!  We also had access to the infinity pool and spa on the floor below, which would be welcome as it was pretty hot, and the view from the rooftop garden was pretty special too.

After a quick cuppa, we headed out for some groceries, namely replenishing our stock of tea bags and some bits for dinner and back at the apartment just chilled and enjoyed the view of the city from our balcony.  It was F1 weekend so we found a bar showing the grand prix on multiple big screens so that was good to see the 1000th race from Shanghai with a cold jug of beer each, followed by cooking a full roast dinner back at our apartment utilising the afore mentioned full kitchen, very tasty it was too!

Another reason we like Kuala Lumpur is that it is a vibrant busy city without being too overbearing but also easy to get around, we used the next few days to wander round visiting a nearby Urban food park with a variety of food trucks and see the city sights as well as some re-supply runs, namely more medication and new trainers for both of us as ours were well and truly knackered, third pair for each of us, mind you they’ve done some miles!

Whilst  here we had a great thunderstorm one night that rattled thunder round the building and forked lightning across the sky, amazing to watch but woke to bright sunshine the next morning as if nothing had happened.

The afternoons were spent cooling off in the pool with city views and enjoying a bubble bath with a glass of bubbly, it has been the only Airbnb since we left the UK with a bathtub.

From Kuala Lumpur we are heading north up into the Cameron Highlands and visiting a Tea plantation.

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